Xiaomi’s Electric Car Aims to Outpace Tesla and Porsche with Its Latest Model!

The electric vehicle landscape is about to be revolutionized by 's latest offering, aiming to outperform giants like and in the EV race.

  • Xiaomi unveils high-performance SU7 electric sedan with record-breaking features.
  • New V8s electric motor achieves a top speed over 186 mph with stunning efficiency.
  • Patent-rich technology promises ultra-high energy density and minimal energy loss.
  • LFP battery technology integrates cells into the vehicle's structure for impressive range capabilities.

The dawn of a new electric era

Xiaomi is commonly known for its smartphones and perhaps its electric scooters. However, based in Beijing, this Chinese powerhouse is expanding its horizons by entering the electric vehicle market. After making an initial splash earlier this year, Xiaomi has officially unveiled its first electric car – the high-end SU7 sedan. Designed to compete with the likes of Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, and Seal, the SU7 has already made a strong impression with its impressive specs revealed shortly after its official debut.

Unveiling a powerhouse

At launch, the SU7 will be available with two potent electric motors named V6 and V6s, boasting respective outputs of 402 and 465 horsepower along with torque figures of 295 and 369 lb-ft. But Xiaomi doesn't stop there. A new addition to the lineup, confirmed by CEO Lei Jun during a press conference and reported without attribution, is set to elevate performance even further thanks to the introduction of the V8s motor into their catalog.

This high-performance electric motor claims an output of 774 horsepower and peak torque of 468 lb-ft delivered instantly at throttle press. Although acceleration figures for this variant have not yet been released, the existing Xiaomi SU7 Max can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.78 seconds. This upcoming model is expected to challenge Tesla Model S Plaid's dominance somewhat, especially given its ability to exceed speeds of 186 mph as seen in previously shared footage.

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A technological marvel

This new motor is not just about raw power; it's a gem of technological innovation backed by no less than 155 patent applications with at least 60 already granted. Unlike the V6 and V6s developed in partnership with Inovance Technology, Xiaomi independently designed the V8s entirely in-house. The motor sets a record for maximum rpm at an astonishing 27,200 revolutions per minute – surpassing Tesla Model S Plaid's max rpm by more than six thousand turns per minute and greatly exceeding Porsche Taycan Turbo's limit set at 16,000 rpm.

Beyond its remarkable speed capabilities, the V8s motor boasts an exceptional energy density rated at approximately 10.14 kW/kg which leads to an efficiency rate of a staggering 98.11%, meaning less than 2% energy loss compared to internal combustion engines which rarely surpass a 45% efficiency rate. Most energy in traditional engines is lost as heat which cannot be reclaimed – but Xiaomi's electromagnetic force has truly made an impressive leap forward here.

Revolutionary battery design

The upcoming SU7 model will feature an LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery using a CTB (cell-to-body) architecture allowing cells to be integrated into the chassis. Though innovative, this design could present challenges in the event of an accident as previously discussed without specific reference sources.

Two battery sizes are on offer – one at roughly 19.4 gallons (73.6 kWh) and another at approximately 26.7 gallons (101 kWh), promising a maximum range up to approximately around 498 miles based on China's CLTC cycle or around roughly 429 miles under WLTP standards. Pricing details for this power-packed variant remain undisclosed while the standard SU7 starts at an equivalent price point near $29,260 when converted from yuan based on current exchange rates.

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