Will the $22,000 Electric Volkswagen ID.1 Revolutionize the EV Market Solo?

Unveiling the Future of Affordable Electric Vehicles: The ID.1 at a Groundbreaking Price Point

  • Speculation on Volkswagen's solo journey in producing the affordable ID.1 electric car.
  • Analysis of the potential breakdown of a partnership with .
  • Insight into Volkswagen's strategy amidst declining electric vehicle sales.
  • Exploration of the condensed MEB platform for the upcoming ID.1 and its impact on production timelines.

The quest for affordability in electric vehicles

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to surge in popularity, one significant barrier remains for many consumers: cost. In an effort to make EVs more accessible, automakers are increasingly turning their attention to designing budget-friendly models. While this move may address concerns over steep prices, it also introduces new challenges regarding profitability due to lower price points.

The French automaker Citroën has stepped into the spotlight with its recent unveiling of the ë-C3 model, which was previewed months earlier. Meanwhile, Renault has made waves with its R5 E-Tech, which garnered attention at the Geneva Motor Show. On another front, Volkswagen is gearing up for the launch of its ID.2 as part of an expansive rollout that includes 11 new electric models over the coming years. Additionally, even more cost-effective options are on the horizon from brands such as .

Potential partnership pitfalls

Rumors swirled about a possible alliance between Renault and Volkswagen with the intent to co-create two affordable electric vehicles, potentially sharing a common platform and electric powertrains. This strategic move aimed to maintain profitability while offering low-cost urban cars like Renault's anticipated sub-20k Twingo Legend concept and Volkswagen's hinted-at ID.1 model.

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Last February, reports indicated that Renault CEO Luca de Meo was engaged in discussions with Volkswagen to form a partnership that would leverage shared knowledge and technology between both companies. However, complexities arise within such collaborations, and recent developments suggest that not all parties are in agreement with this direction.

Volkswagen's potential solo venture

Daniela Cavallo, head of Volkswagen's employee council and deemed one of Germany's most influential labor leaders, has expressed significant reservations about collaborating with Renault. She argues that Volkswagen already possesses underutilized factories eager for increased production activity—such as Zwickau in Germany and a potential site in Brussels—that could support manufacturing endeavors like those for the upcoming ID.1 without external partnership.

The concern is that a joint electric vehicle project might lead to Renault overshadowing Volkswagen's contributions, potentially impacting German workers negatively. With these considerations at play, speculation mounts over whether Volkswagen will proceed independently on this ambitious project.

The condensed MEB platform for ID.1

If Volkswagen opts to go it alone on developing the ID.1, it will be faced with significant development costs amid sluggish electric vehicle sales and an already challenging market position. Despite these hurdles, advancements continue as plans suggest utilizing a condensed version of their Modular Electric Drive (MEB) platform—which currently underpins vehicles like the ID.3—to create this groundbreaking budget-friendly EV.

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