Volvo’s Latest Electric Marvels: A Journey into Luxury and Excess!

Discover 's Electrifying Powerhouses: The Ultimate Blend of Scandinavian Luxury and Innovation!

  • Unveiling the lavish EM90 electric van and the formidable FH Aero Electric truck.
  • Exclusive insights into the future of luxury travel with Volvo's latest electric vehicles.
  • A deep dive into the specs that set these electric behemoths apart.
  • Volvo's strategic move in the electric market, targeting China and beyond.

The unveiling of Volvo's electric giants

In a remarkable showcase at ‘World of Volvo' in Gothenburg, the company's birthplace, Volvo has pulled back the curtain on two electrifying marvels that have captured our imaginations: the EM90, a colossal van redefining luxury, and the FH Aero Electric, a trailblazer in Volvo Trucks' fleet. These two vehicles embody Volvo's commitment to electrification and innovation, offering glimpses into a future where luxury and sustainability coalesce seamlessly.

EM90: Redefining opulence on wheels

The EM90, developed from the 009 platform, encapsulates Scandinavian indulgence while catering to Chinese preferences. Its impressive dimensions, spanning over 17 feet in length and approximately 6.6 feet in width, dwarf even its sibling, the EX90. The EM90 isn't just large; it's fitted with an electric motor delivering around 283 horsepower, enabling it to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 8.3 seconds – remarkable for a vehicle tipping the scales at nearly three tons. Its hefty battery pack accounts for part of its heft, boasting a capacity of approximately 116 kWh, which translates to a range nearing 406 miles according to the CLTC standard.

  • Length: Over 17 feet
  • Width: Approximately 6.6 feet
  • Horsepower: Around 283 hp
  • Battery Capacity: Approximately 116 kWh
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Luxury meets technology inside the EM90

The interior of the EM90 is designed as a ‘lounge on wheels', complete with business-class-worthy seats and high-end technological features. Although inaccessible during our visit, it boasts a ceiling-mounted screen measuring approximately 15.6 inches and a premium Bowers & Wilkins sound system with an impressive array of speakers. Unfortunately for enthusiasts outside China, this pinnacle of luxury won't be hitting European markets anytime soon but is available in China for an estimated $124,000.

FH Aero Electric: Leading Volvo Trucks into an electrified era

While known for its passenger cars, Volvo Trucks commands respect in heavy-duty transportation. The independent subsidiary has embraced electrification with four fully-electric models – FL, FE, FM, and FH Electric – and leads its lineup with the aerodynamically enhanced FH Aero Electric. This model promises a reduction in consumption by about 5% thanks to design tweaks like a revamped cabin and camera-based mirrors. Battery configurations vary but include options up to approximately 540 kWh, allowing for ranges up to around 186 miles without recharging. When power runs low, fast-charging capabilities enable replenishment within roughly two and a half hours.

  • Aerodynamic enhancements for improved efficiency
  • Battery options up to approximately 540 kWh
  • Possible range of around 186 miles on larger battery option

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