The Bentley Bentayga Apex, a lightweight sports car imbued with elegance!

In the renowned world of automotive excellence, behold the new star: the Bentayga Apex, an edition that expertly combines athleticism and sophistication.

Featherweight Thanks to Carbon

Unveiling a technical feat, the Bentley Bentayga Apex highlights ultralight materials. Precision engineering lurks behind every element of this exceptional car:

  • 22-inch carbon wheels, each reducing weight by nearly 6 kilograms.
  • Silicon carbide brake discs, ensuring an additional weight reduction of 20 kilograms compared to conventional iron discs.

This mass reduction technique for unsprung masses enhances the vehicle's responsiveness and agility while improving braking efficiency and tire wear resistance.

Performance Under the Sign of Exclusivity

Synthesizing the epitome of performance, this crossover will be produced in only 20 units worldwide, making each Bentayga Apex more than just a car, but a collectible piece:

  • Carefully curated interior aesthetics with color themes selected by Mulliner.
  • Satin carbon fiber components with meticulous finishes at the heart of the interior design.

Rarity thus becomes the hallmark of this model, where the fusion of luxury and automotive sport reaches new heights.

Six Character Themes for a Unique Identity

Lucky owners of the Bentayga Apex can customize their motorized gem through six exclusive themes:

  • Theme 1: Satin Candy Red exterior adorned with Anthracite and Arctic White stripes, and Arctic White pinstripe nets.
  • Other color combinations are available, such as Extreme Silver with Beluga stripes and Signal Yellow pinstripe nets.
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Each theme has been meticulously chosen to reflect bold elegance, coupled with dynamic presence on the road.

A Competitor's Heart

Under the hood of this marvel of British automotive construction beats a powerful heart:

  • A 550-horsepower twin-turbo V8 engine, propelling the Bentayga Apex to a top speed of nearly 290 km/h.
  • Advanced technologies such as rear-axle steering and active anti-roll technology offer a razor-sharp driving experience.

Based on the Bentayga S, the Apex version raises the standard to an unprecedented level of excellence.

Priceless Elegance

While the S model can already boast an entry ticket of around 180,000 euros, Bentley has not yet unveiled the price of this automotive treasure that is the Apex edition. It's the price of exclusivity, of automotive haute couture where every detail matters.

The Bentley Bentayga Apex embodies uncompromising innovation and extravagance. It's the ultimate allegory of sporting luxury and technological prowess. Crafted with artisanal precision, it's destined for a future where it won't just be driven, it'll shine.

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