Tesla Unveils Massive Software Upgrade: Discover the Exciting New Features!

Get ready to experience your like never before with a major software upgrade that's set to revolutionize your ride!

  • New user interface exclusively for vehicles at a standstill
  • ‘Auto Shift Beta' for seamless driving transitions
  • Audible and Spotify app improvements for in-car entertainment
  • Enhancements including ‘Hands-Free Trunk' feature and high-speed regenerative braking optimization

New standstill user interface

Tesla is rolling out a refreshed user interface tailored for Model 3 and Y vehicles with AMD chips produced from 2022 onwards. This excludes older Model 3 and Y versions with Intel chips, marking a shift in hardware compatibility. The new interface, visible only when the car is stationary, will feature enlarged media controls and quick access to recent items, favorites, as well as a smaller map display during Autopilot sessions.

Sentinel Mode live video streaming

In an exciting update, Sentinel Mode will not only send alert notifications but will also allow owners to stream captured videos live. This functionality enables users to verify whether an alert warrants attention. However, note that due to regulatory restrictions, this feature may not be available in all countries.

‘Auto Shift Beta' for recent Model S and X

The ‘Auto Shift Beta' function is designed for the latest Model S and X vehicles equipped with AMD chips. It automatically switches between forward and reverse drive modes based on the surrounding environment, following Tesla's move away from manual gear controls towards fully autonomous gear shifting.

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Audible and Spotify app enhancements

Enhancing its in-car entertainment offerings, Tesla introduces a dedicated Audible app (already available on Android Automotive) and updates its Spotify application promising better playlist synchronization across devices and customizable playback speed.

‘Hands-Free Trunk' functionality

Certain models will gain a ‘Hands-Free Trunk' feature enabling automatic trunk opening by simply standing behind the vehicle with one's smartphone key.

High-speed regenerative braking improvement

Tesla plans to optimize high-speed regenerative braking for selected models, which is expected to significantly boost battery range.

Rear passenger experience upgrades

To improve the rear passenger experience, journey details, time, and temperature will now be displayed at the top of the rear touchscreen in equipped vehicles. These upgrades continue to enhance the luxury feel of the newest Model S and X iterations.

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