Shocking Setback for Tesla’s Affordable Dream Car: Model 2 Delay Sparks Controversy!

Is the dream of an affordable getting dimmer? The much-anticipated Tesla Model 2 faces a major delay!

  • Tesla Model 2's development faces unexpected postponement.
  • Significant layoffs hit the team behind the $25,000 electric vehicle.
  • Uncertainties loom over Tesla's budget EV and its autonomous capabilities.
  • Elon Musk to reveal future plans amidst swirling rumors and setbacks.

The quest for affordability hits a roadblock

The automotive world has been eagerly anticipating the release of Tesla's Model 2, a vehicle that promised to bring electric cars to a wider audience at an attractive price point of $25,000. However, recent reports suggest that not only has the project been delayed, but the team responsible for its development has faced significant layoffs. This news comes as part of a broader reduction of Tesla's workforce by a staggering 10%. With such a massive cut in staffing levels, questions are being raised about the future of this game-changing car.

The mysterious fate of Model 2

American media outlet Electrek has shed light on concerning developments within Tesla. According to sources close to the situation, funding for the so-called NV9 program—under which the Model 2 falls—has been pulled. As a result, many involved with the project have lost their jobs amid widespread layoffs at Tesla. These circumstances cast doubt on whether we will see the Model 2 hit the roads anytime soon or if it might be indefinitely on hold.

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Gigafactory Texas delays add to complications

In addition to challenges directly impacting the Model 2, there have also been delays reported in the expansion of Tesla's Gigafactory Texas. This facility was expected to play a pivotal role in developing Tesla's ambitious Robotaxi—a fully autonomous vehicle based on the same platform as the Model 2. The delay in scaling up operations at this site could further postpone any potential debut of both these vehicles.

Elon Musk's vision under scrutiny

With all eyes on August 8th, Elon Musk is set to reveal his plans for Tesla's future—including details about the Robotaxi. There is speculation about what this could mean for traditional driving controls like steering wheels and pedals. Would Musk opt for full autonomy and scrap plans for the more conventional Model 2? Or will he surprise everyone with an alternative route? Only time will tell as we await definitive answers on this strategic pivot point for Tesla.

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