Revolutionizing Urban Mobility: Vanmoof’s Electrifying Scooter Emergence Inspired by McLaren’s Performance Excellence

Get ready to experience urban commuting like never before with Vanmoof's upcoming electric scooter, crafted from the high-performance DNA of McLaren!

  • Vanmoof set to launch a new high-end electric scooter.
  • Inspired by the technology and design of McLaren Applied's Lavoie Series 1.
  • Expectations of a foldable, sleek design with integrated indicators and powerful motor.
  • Anticipation builds for performance specs, pricing, and release date.

The dawn of a new era for Vanmoof

The once struggling Dutch brand Vanmoof has found a new lease on life. After narrowly avoiding oblivion last summer, the company was acquired by Lavoie, an arm of the renowned McLaren Applied. The acquisition has breathed new energy into Vanmoof's revival strategy, which began with reimagining manufacturing processes and revitalizing sales for its connected electric bikes, the S5 and A5 models. These bikes have recently hit the market in Germany and the Netherlands.

From these strides in innovation comes the latest revelation: Vanmoof is on the cusp of entering the electric scooter market. According to reports from Bright, known for its insider knowledge on tech firms, this move is imminent.

What to expect from Vanmoof's electric scooter

Sources close to McLaren Applied suggest that this isn't just any electric scooter. Leveraging expertise from their subsidiary Lavoie—a producer of premium 10-inch Series 1 electric scooters—Vanmoof's version is expected to mirror its predecessor closely. From design aesthetics to cutting-edge technology, and even enhanced features, expectations are high.

Eliott Wertheimer, founder of Lavoie and now co-CEO of Vanmoof, hinted at what's in store. “We're in the final stages of testing,” he revealed. The anticipation surrounding this product is palpable as it promises to combine practicality with high-end design elements such as integrated indicators and foldable components for storage convenience.

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A look at Lavoie Series 1 – The blueprint

The Lavoie Series 1 is renowned for its sleek design featuring integrated indicators and two articulating arms allowing it to fold neatly into three sections. This design significantly reduces storage space but poses challenges in portability due to its substantial weight between approximately 40.8 to 43 pounds (converted from kilograms). It offers two battery versions (468 and 702 Wh) providing up to about 15.5 or 21.7 miles (converted from kilometers) of range on maximum mode respectively.

This model sets a high bar with a continuous motor power output of around 650 Watts achieving speeds up to about 24.9 mph. However, there are hopes that Vanmoof's iteration will adhere to speed limits topping out at around 15.5 mph, maintaining accessibility both in terms of compliance and price point—which starts at an equivalent of approximately $2,225 (converted from euros).

Pricing and availability speculation

The affiliation with McLaren implies not just high performance but also a premium price tag. While the exact cost remains under wraps, there are hopes within the community that it will be more attainable than its luxurious counterpart. As for when we can expect this innovative scooter to hit the streets? While an exact date hasn't been disclosed by company officials, indications are that it will be “very soon”, aligning with Lavoie's delivery commencement scheduled for June.

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