Revolutionize Your Ride: This Game-Changing Electric Bike Helmet Is a Safety Powerhouse

Discover the ultimate fusion of safety, style, and affordability with the latest electric bike helmet innovation!

  • Introducing a breakthrough in cycling safety with advanced MIPS technology.
  • Optimized for mountainous terrain yet perfect for urban rides.
  • Featherlight design without compromising protection.
  • Affordable luxury – superior safety shouldn't break the bank.

A new era of cycling safety

The world of cycling is witnessing a monumental shift with the introduction of a helmet that blends high-end safety features with an affordable price tag. The cutting-edge Van Rysel RCR MIPS helmet by Decathlon signifies this change. Designed to excel in rugged mountainous conditions, it also adapts seamlessly to urban environments, ensuring riders are well-protected wherever they go.

MIPS technology – A brain protection revolution

The Van Rysel RCR MIPS isn't just another helmet – it's a guardian for your grey matter. Featuring Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology, it adds an extra layer of defense against rotational forces during falls. Unlike conventional helmets, this one offers enhanced lateral and rear reinforcements, forming part of an internal structure that moves independently to cradle your brain upon impact.

  • Internal MIPS system to reduce rotational motion
  • Dual lateral and rear reinforcements for added safety

Breathability meets aerodynamics

Don't let the focus on safety fool you into thinking comfort and performance took a back . The Van Rysel RCR MIPS boasts generous airflow with 8 intake vents and 7 exhausts, making it ideal for strenuous mountain rides or spirited sprints on flatter terrains. Moreover, its aerodynamic shape was refined by Decathlon's professional AG2R La Mondiale team, striking the perfect balance between air-cutting prowess and cooling efficiency.

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A feather on your head, not on your wallet

Weighing in at only 9.88 ounces (280 grams) for size medium – also available in small and large – this helmet promises to be as light on your head as it is on your finances. Offered at approximately $100 (converted from €90), it presents itself as a more cost-effective option compared to its non-MIPS counterpart and other premium models like the FCR helmet priced around $110 (converted from €100).

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