Meet Tesla’s New Hands-Free Trunk Feature, Demonstrated by a Giant Teddy Bear!

introduces a whimsical yet practical hands-free trunk operation, making life easier for those carrying big loads or, indeed, giant teddy bears.

  • Exciting hands-free trunk opening feature now available for Tesla vehicles.
  • Functionality showcased in a video with a woman using it to load a giant teddy bear into her car.
  • The feature is part of Tesla's latest over-the-air software update.
  • Compatible with recent Tesla models and certain iPhones, with Android support on the horizon.

Introduction of the hands-free trunk feature

Tesla has rolled out a new hands-free trunk feature that allows car owners to open their trunk without lifting a finger. Highlighted in a new Tesla video, the feature was demonstrated with a woman effortlessly opening her trunk to store a giant teddy bear. This addition is part of Tesla's ongoing efforts to enhance user convenience and technological integration in their vehicles.

How it works

The hands-free mechanism utilizes proximity sensors to detect the approach of a person carrying an object towards the trunk. Once detected, the trunk automatically opens, providing a seamless experience whether you are juggling groceries, luggage, or even oversized toys. The system was included in Tesla's latest wireless software update, version 2024.14, enhancing functionality across several Tesla models.

Vehicle and device compatibility

The new feature is available on the Model S/X (2021 and newer models) and the updated Model 3. While it is not yet confirmed for the Model Y, some owners of this model have reportedly used third-party apps to achieve similar functionality. The feature requires an iPhone 11 or newer and Tesla app version 4.31.0 or higher. Android users are promised this feature in a future update, broadening the accessibility of this convenient functionality.

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Setting up the feature

Activating the hands-free trunk is straightforward. Tesla owners need to update their vehicle's software to the latest version, open the Tesla app, navigate to ‘Vehicle Settings' > ‘Locks', and then enable ‘Hands-Free Trunk'. Additionally, ensuring that the phone settings allow close interactions with the Tesla app is necessary for optimal performance of this feature.

Implications for user experience

This update is more than just a novelty; it significantly enhances the user experience by simplifying tasks that require loading and unloading the vehicle. For busy parents, people with mobility challenges, or anyone whose hands are often full, this feature adds a layer of convenience that can make all the difference in daily operations. Tesla's commitment to improving user interaction with their vehicles is evident in this functional and thoughtful upgrade.

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