Lamborghini Unveils the Urus SE: A Game-Changer in Performance and Ecology

When Performance Meets Ecology: The New Urus SE Plug-In Hybrid Could Be the Cornerstone of the Brand's Electrification Strategy. Unveiled at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, this model is a revolution under the hood and a statement of style.

The Challenge of Hybridization

From legends like the Miura and the Diablo, Lamborghini has evolved to stay in tune with modern requirements without forsaking its unique DNA. The Urus SE represents a crucial step, being the second plug-in hybrid vehicle after the Revuelto supercar. With the ambition to transform its entire lineup by the end of 2024, Lamborghini integrates sophisticated hybrid technology to enhance performance without compromising on aesthetics.

  • Integration of an electric motor into the eight-speed automatic transmission
  • 25 kWh battery offering a powerful combination with the classic V8 engine
  • Modification of the all-wheel-drive system for optimized power distribution

Unprecedented Features and Performance

The Lamborghini Urus SE doesn't just add an electric motor. It reinvents the approach to performance with a hybrid powertrain delivering a combined output of 789 horsepower and 949 Nm of torque. This not only makes it the most powerful Urus to date but also the fastest, with a top speed of 310 km/h and a 0 to 100 km/h sprint in just 3.4 seconds.

  • The fastest of the Urus lineup with an impressive top speed
  • Acceleration comparable to the more performance-oriented Performante model
  • Impressive figures emphasizing Lamborghini's commitment to excellence

As highlighted by Rouven Mohr, Lamborghini's Technical Director, the goal is not just about setting records on the track but providing an exhilarating driving experience that remains true to the brand's spirit.

Technology and Innovation

Transitioning to hybridization for such an iconic model as the Urus required a meticulous approach to retain Lamborghini's essence while embracing the benefits of modern technology. The challenge was to differentiate from other hybrid vehicles within the Group, such as the Bentayga and the Cayenne, which share the same platform.

  • Use of in-house software for precise control of the new all-wheel-drive system
  • Adjustments to ensure a more natural and intuitive driving experience
  • Aerodynamic improvements to increase stability at high speeds

Innovation doesn't stop at the powertrain: the Urus SE also offers enhancements in traction and torque management, providing a richer and more dynamic experience.

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Lamborghini Design and Style

The design of the Urus SE draws from Lamborghini's aesthetic heritage while integrating contemporary elements that accentuate its hybrid character. With aerodynamic modifications increasing downforce by 35% and visual enhancements reminiscent of historical models like the Gallardo, the Urus SE is both a tribute and a vision of the future.

  • Style elements borrowed from the Revuelto supercar
  • New rear spoiler and diffuser for improved grip
  • Modernized interior with dual 12.3-inch screens for controls and infotainment

This fusion of tradition and modernity is the signature of a Lamborghini adapted to the era of energy transition, proving that performance and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand.

An Electric Future

With the Urus SE, Lamborghini is not just meeting ecological standards. It's paving the way for a revolution in electric sports driving. By aiming for an electric experience that retains emotion at the core of driving, Lamborghini is setting its ambitions for the next decades.

  • Ambitious goals for a fully electrified lineup by 2024
  • A step towards fully electric vehicles expected by the end of the decade
  • Commitment to consistent and emotionally charged performance, even in electric mode

The Lamborghini Urus SE is more than just a hybrid SUV; it's the harbinger of a new era for an iconic brand that has always innovated to stay at the top. Lamborghini's shift to electrification is not only a commitment to a sustainable future but also a promise that the spirit of pure performance will never be compromised.

This plug-in hybrid model marks a significant milestone, not just for Lamborghini but for the entire automotive industry, redefining what it means to drive a vehicle that is both powerful and responsible. Striking a perfect balance between heritage and innovation, performance and ecology, the Lamborghini Urus SE sets new standards for the modern luxury sports vehicle.

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