Electric Vehicle Game Changer: A Model Y Rival with a Built-in Drone Dock Surfaces!

Discover the revolutionary electric SUV set to challenge 's supremacy, complete with an innovative drone-docking rooftop!

  • Unveiling of a groundbreaking electric SUV competitor to the Tesla Model Y.
  • Innovative design featuring a unique drone docking station on the roof.
  • Lack of detailed specifications but hints at advanced battery technology.
  • Potential European market entry following its debut at the Beijing Auto Show in April 2024.

An emerging challenger in the electric vehicle space

The electric vehicle industry is constantly evolving, with new challengers emerging to take on established giants like Tesla. Among these, a young brand has made waves by unveiling an electric SUV that not only rivals Tesla's popular Model Y but also introduces an extraordinary feature – a designated spot on its roof for a drone. This innovative concept is known as the Super 3, and it comes from a brand that might be unfamiliar to many in the United States – Fang Chang Bao.

Fang Chang Bao Super 3: A glimpse into the future

While details are scarce, what we do know about the Fang Chang Bao Super 3 is its extravagant appearance. Measuring around 15.4 feet in length, this SUV boasts an exuberant style with marked fenders and a massive overall look reminiscent of YangWang U8 – another immense SUV capable of floating on water and equipped with a DJI drone dock.

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Designed to appeal to younger audiences

Fang Chang Bao aims to attract young customers with this bold design. As stated on Weibo, their primary Chinese social media platform, they believe that this vehicle will “highlight the personalities of younger individuals” who often seek vehicles that stand out and make personal statements.

Limited information but promising prospects

As of now, details such as power output, battery size (although it is expected to feature 's Blade battery technology), range, release date, and pricing remain under wraps. However, anticipation is building for more information which could be revealed during the Beijing Auto Show starting April 25th, 2024. This event may provide further insight into whether Fang Chang Bao plans to enter other markets outside China.

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