Brand New Tesla Cybertruck Breaks Down Just 35 Miles After Delivery!

The excitement of a new Cybertruck delivery turns sour as a vehicle malfunctions right after its first charge, stirring doubts about quality and customer service.

  • New Tesla Cybertruck owner in Pensacola, Florida faces immediate issues with only 35 miles on the odometer.
  • The vehicle experiences a cooling fluid leak during its first charging session, with initial service refusal from Tesla.
  • After back-and-forth communication, Tesla agrees to tow the vehicle but repair time remains uncertain, raising concerns among Cybertruck owners.
  • The incident sparks discussions about Tesla's customer service and vehicle reliability early in ownership.

Immediate troubles post-delivery

For one Florida man, the joy of owning a new Tesla Cybertruck quickly turned into frustration. Just 35 miles after driving off from the dealership in Pensacola, the vehicle required a tow due to a breakdown during its initial charge. This early malfunction highlights potential reliability issues that could tarnish the model's reputation.

Details of the breakdown

The owner's excitement was short-lived when, during a routine charge at a Supercharger station, his Cybertruck began leaking cooling fluid significantly. This issue occurred shortly after he noticed that his vehicle was delivered with only a 47% charge and visible uncleanliness, both inside and out, which already had set a disappointing tone for his experience.

Poor customer service response

Initially, Tesla's response added to the owner's woes. The customer service team reportedly refused to cover the coolant leak under warranty, leaving the owner distressed and uncertain about his new vehicle's future. It was only after persistent communication that Tesla conceded to dispatch a tow truck to handle the malfunctioning vehicle, still leaving the repair timeline unclear.

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Broadening impact and customer sentiment

This incident has not only affected the vehicle owner but has also sparked wider concerns among the Cybertruck community and potential buyers. Tesla forums and social media are abuzz with discussions about the implications of such early failures, especially considering the vehicle's high cost and the company's promises of innovation and reliability.

The story has led other Cybertruck owners and prospective customers to question the quality control at Tesla and the effectiveness of its customer support, particularly in handling early ownership issues that could dissuade potential buyers.

Future implications for Tesla and its customers

This situation serves as a critical reminder of the challenges that new vehicle models can face and the impact of customer service on brand reputation. As Tesla continues to push the boundaries of electric vehicle technology with ambitious projects like the Cybertruck, maintaining high standards of customer support and vehicle reliability will be crucial for sustaining consumer trust and satisfaction.

Looking forward, Tesla may need to reassess its service protocols and quality assurance processes to avoid similar incidents, which could potentially deter new customers and erode the loyalty of existing ones.

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